ivan fernandez galindo

An investigation of the manual printing technique and the power and meaning of original artworks, this series explores the duality of the individual and the collective – the simultaneous human need for belonging and uniqueness.

Repetition and collectivism are materialized in the screen printing process, a manual yet mechanical technique that creates a sense of uniformity and continuity. The silk screen stencil is used for each of the 50 pieces but it is modified by hand every ten pieces. As the repetition happens, the original artwork loses parts of itself.

The subject of the series is the chair: perhaps the simplest yet most complex of everyday objects, and a never-ending subject of study. It is not irrelevant that the series was developed over the spring of 2020, a time of isolation where everyday home objects were given a bigger meaning. Series 001 is a representation of changing points of view, a humble mirror to a chaotic mind in a time of uncertainty.

The hand-drawn finishes in every piece prove the power of determination, making every piece unique despite their cohesive belonging to a group.

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